Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy birthday, Dad!

Today is my father's 87th birthday, and I'm very thankful for him. Among the things he taught me are
  • the whys and wherefores of being a fan of the Chicago Cubs
  • to always understand the question (applicable in so many areas of life, including "Jeopardy!" because it translates into "always remember the category")
Unless my almost-senior mind is playing tricks on me, I haven't seen Dad (who lives in Florida) since my wedding to Bob Burgwald seven years ago next month. Gotta remedy that soon because he doesn't travel any more. We do talk on the phone often, most recently the day I got tickets to the Wrigley Field 100th birthday party game on April 23. I also sent him a card along with some clippings from the Chicago Tribune about Wrigley, including an article that made a great concession to the wonders of that long-ago treat, the Smokie Link.
In George Carlin's classic monologue on the merits of baseball over football, he concludes soothingly, "In Baseball, the object is to go home, and to be safe. I hope I'll be safe at home, safe at home."
Dad, I'll be coming to your home soon.


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