Friday, April 11, 2014

Hope Springs Eternal

My revamped and revitalized website is taking shape. And the 2014 baseball season has started. These are harbingers of Spring and of hope.
First, my thanks to Kathleen Hazlett for her incredible, creative help with the website. She is a gem and can be found virtually at
Then there is baseball, another light of my life. Both Chicago teams are off to at least semi-good starts (the White Sox more so than the Cubs). Just watching a game--after the winter we've had--is joy on a plate. Home or otherwise. Baseball is the game of hope, not played against the clock, and has taught me much about how to live expecting good things. Of course, I'm still learning.
True baseball fans have yet another reason to enjoy this season: it is the 100th "birthday" of Wrigley Field. I look forward to being there in a few weeks for the big celebratory game and will be sharing my thoughts on Wrigley throughout the season. I'm also writing a memoir about baseball and hope and will give updates on that as well.
In the words of the last line of the national anthem, "Play ball!"

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