Friday, April 11, 2014

I Wrote With Light!

Note to Betsy:
The word photography means writing with light but most photographers claim ... Literally it means: "To Write with light" I cannot think of any better way to say it.
Several years ago, when I was first introduced to your website, you told me that photography literally meant writing with light. I had never heard that before. As I began to experiment with my camera, I began to see light (and shadows, and colors, and people) in a completely different way -- one of which resulted in the above photo. It is definitely one of my favorite experiments, and the best picture I have taken using the streetlight outside my front window to "write with light".
Thanks for the visual image you gave me to see my world differently. It is a pleasure to be able to Seize the Season! with you!

Kathleen Hazlett

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